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Apparently she wore a tartan coat.

It was the early twenties. My grandmother and her four sisters lived in a big house in the English countryside. One day one of them disappeared. It was Lydia. Just like that, she was gone. It was in the autumn.

“All we knew,” said grandma, wringing her hands, remembering, “was that apparently she wore a tartan coat”. The sisters kept waiting for her. And the years went by, but Lydia never returned. “We missed her terribly.”

I was only little when grandma told me the story. But her words stayed with me: “Apparently she wore a tartan coat,” was what she’d said.

I felt compelled to recreate that period.

Empire on the wane. Country mansion. High tea. Decadence. Airs and graces. A certain creepiness. Flickering candles. Idle board games.

I call it Clandestine, the Autumn/Winter 09/10 Collection from Pimpinette.

It’s all classy stuff like Silks and Laces and Velvet. As well as Wool and Wool Jerseys. I’ve given the collection a period feel, using the base colours Brown, Navy, Beige, Offwhite and Black. Touched off with accents in Royal Blue, Light Pink and – naturally – Classic Red Tartan.

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