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Can’t remember if it started with that wonderful Liberty Tana Lawn fabric that I first saw in London. Or whether it’s my lifelong passion for flowers, big and small, that got me started on the S/S 13 Petals Collection. Walking round the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show last year was a royal treat to the senses. I was wowed by a clutch of whimsical peonies. Stately orchids caught my eye. I remember fragrant lilies, summery crowfeet and yellow buttercups galore.

Petals is to me a celebration of the myriad shapes and colours of flowers. Garments come in creams, in lavender blue, grey/blue, pink/beige as well as in lemon, navy and Liberty prints in blue and navy.

Petals S/S 13 is fashioned in Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics, beautiful large leaf laces, and high-quality cottons.

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